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Given the influence technology has on today’s world and its inevitable rise, connected devices have become a staple among businesses. Smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers all working through the same platform allows for workplaces full of employees to maximize their efficiency, thus increasing their business’s revenue, energy, and time management.

Unfortunately, mistakes are often made when companies decide to implement this strategy for the first time, which can result in damaged business. To avoid this, it is best to understand the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of the benefits that come with connected devices.

In 2015, IHS Markit recorded 15.4 billion connected devices around the world, with that number expected to reach 30.7 billion in 2020. Over half of current users are consumers; a statistic that all businesses must take into consideration when thinking about growth and development. For example, the home security industry has seen a recent rise in connected devices with the trend of home automation growing rapidly. Because of this, people are becoming much more comfortable integrating this technology into their workplaces.

To best augment connected devices around your company, understand the gravity of security within the Internet of Things. Securing the network that your devices operate on is priority #1 in order to avoid a monumental disaster by exposing confidential information.

  • Look into the latest pieces of connected technology that incorporate substantial security measures. Attempting to save money in this area could prove detrimental if a weaker system is chosen.
  • Similarly, any passwords you designate as company-wide login credentials should be very complex as to deter any potential hackers from even coming within a few characters of getting it right. Utilize password generators online, and look into the best practices in doing so.

Keep your IT team up to speed with the devices and platforms you choose to connect with. They are going to be the sole researchers in terms of functionality, troubleshooting, and assistance. If they haven’t worked with the technology you’ve chosen before, consider holding a training session with someone skilled in said technology.

Stay on top of the analytics of these connected devices as well. Successful businesses know whether or not their strategies or working through careful research and analyzation. Set specific goals that you hope to hit, like a certain number of consumers using your platform, or the amount of time spent on it.

Plan ahead and pay close attention to the connected devices you choose to work through in order to monitor their successes or failures. How you choose to do so can go a long way in your company’s achievements, including a growth in clientele via easy-to-use platforms.